Skin Lightening System treats each of these common pigmentation problems with skin:

  • Dark spots caused by photo-aging
  • Facial blemishes / dark spots due to excessive pigmentation
  • Imperfections caused by melanin (color-producing pigment)

With a high safety margin, the Skin Lightening System is suitable for all skin types. The Skin Lightening System works by blocking the enzyme involved in the melanin formation process. Using a light peeling effect, it is very efficient in treating all types of melasma.

The types of treatment are:

  • Hydroquinone treatment: This treatment utilizes a topical inhibitor of melanin production, thereby reducing the production of melanin, which is a skin darkening agent.
  • Arbutin treatment: In this treatment an active ingredient extracted from leaves of berries, Arbutin, which has melanin inhibiting properties is utilized topically by the dermatologist to cause skin lightening and skin whitening.
  • Glutathione treatment: This treatment prevents oxidative damage of the skin by preventing synthesis of melanin.
  • Laser treatment: This treatment works on the concept of destroying darkened skin cells through directed laser and inducing production of new and lighter skin cells.

What is a Skin Lightening System procedure like?

The Skin Lightening System consists of an office treatment (application of a hydroquinone and retinoid mask). The treatment is then continued at home, using the products provided in the kit and according to the patient guidelines. In our office, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to remove any dead cells and oily residues. A facial mask is then applied over the surface of the skin. The mask remains on the skin from 5 to 10 hours, depending on your skin type.

During the first 7 days of the treatment, the skin will redden and some swelling will occur. Flaking of the skin typically occurs between the second and third day of treatment. Just one week after starting the treatment, a noticeable and significant improvement of the skin may be seen.