Arm lift surgery, a procedure technically known as brachioplasty, can improve the shape of your arms.  By removing the loose skin and excess tissue, the surgery can provide:

  • Tightened arm skin
  • Smaller arm circumference
  • Improved arm contour / shape

Arm Lift Indications

Brachioplasty is common among patients who undergo body contouring after massive weight loss.  It’s also commonly performed for people who feel self-conscious about loose skin on their upper arms, which makes the arms appear disproportionate to the patient’s body.

Arm Lift Surgery Briefing

When performed alone, arm lift surgery requires about min of 1 to 2 hours.  It’s an outpatient procedure that can be done under local or general anesthesia.  If your skin exhibits adequate elasticity, liposuction may be an option recommended by your plastic surgeon.  For most patients, a more extensive solution is needed.

Arm lift surgery starts with an incision near the armpit, which travels on the inner part of the arm toward the elbow.  Skin is excised (surgically removed) and fat is removed with liposuction.  Sutures are then placed to close the incisions and maintain the new shape.

Brachioplasty recovery

For the first week following surgery, you will have to avoid strenuous activity, including arm elevation and lifting. You will be able to shower on the second day after surgery. The swelling is mild to moderate, and peaks at two to three days. Swelling may take several months to resolve completely.

While each person’s recovery is unique, the recovery period after an Arm Lift generally lasts one to two weeks. You’ll probably be able to return to work or your regular routine in a week, and resume exercise within two weeks. Strenuous workouts and contact sports can be engaged in after about four weeks.