Lasers rely on light energy, which cannot reach deeper skin layers at an optimal temperature, so laser treatments typically only treat superficial skin and are not FDA-cleared to lift skin.

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA to actually lift skin. Ultherapy is also the only cosmetic procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows practitioners to see the layers of tissue targeted during the treatment to ensure the energy is deposited to where it will be most beneficial.

  • This treatment can address certain areas of the face.
  • For the upper face, it can reduce excess skin on the eyelids and the forehead.
  • For mid-face, the area around the mouth and nose, the contour of the lower face can be changed to significantly diminish wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • For the neck, it can tighten loose skin.

Ulthera (Ultrasound Therapy): a new generation that tightens up the muscular layer resulting in lifting. This technology works well for face lift, brow lift and double chin. Ultherapy is a new type of nonsurgical cosmetic procedure for achieving skin reminiscent of an earlier time.

Ultherapy uses sound energy – tried-and-true ultrasound – which has unique properties that allow it to bypass the surface of the skin to treat depths not matched by any other non-invasive cosmetic device. Ultherapy ultrasound stimulates collagen production in the skin’s foundation, resulting in a clinically significant lift of tissue over 2-3 months.

Ultherapy/Ulthera is an effective, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation process to address early signs of aging such as excess eyelid skin, sagging cheeks or jowls, and loose skin on the neck.

This technology is most beneficial for individuals without excessive skin laxity. It is typically recommended for patients who are in their 30s or older and display early signs of aging. During a consult, your face and skin is evaluated, then provide an objective viewpoint regarding whether Ulthera can generate a more youthful look.

if you are considering ultherapy

  • It is important to find out if Ulthera will be safe and effective for your skin type.
  • Talk to your plastic surgeon to set realistic expectations.
  • Ultherapy treatments generally take 30 to 60 minutes and are performed in our offices.
  • Our board-certified plastic surgeons have trained on the effective application of Ulthera.
  • There may be a few days of mild swelling.

ultherapy treatment

Ultherapy is an ideal treatment for men and women with mild to moderate skin laxity. It can be particularly effective in treating a drooping brow for a more ‘open’ appearance to the eyes and a more refreshed look overall.

In fact, clinical studies with Ultherapy™ have shown consistent lifting of the brow after just one treatment. Ultherapy™ has also been shown to soften the creases around the nose and mouth, create a generally firmer skin feel, and produce a slimmer, more youthful look around the cheeks and neck.

Ultherapy™ can also benefit younger patients who are taking a proactive approach to anti-aging and are looking to slow down the clock. This treatment allows them to maintain healthy collagen in order to ‘stay ahead of the game’. It is also a good complementary treatment to other skin rejuvenation procedures which target surface issues.